Asking you for a favour

A few days ago, i asked for a PFT guide. This mail was unnecessary due to a misunderstanding. But now i ask you all for a favour. This question is related to my search for a PFT guide. This PFT thing is really important for me. Otherwise i wouldn´t write such a mail and i though quite a while about it. I´m somewhat bad in self-promotion. Thus i had the idea that i ask my readers for help me with this. Self valuation is always less than the valuation by others (except in pathological cases) and as i´m from northwest germany it´s even worse in my case ;) Additionally a word written by someone else is worth 10.000times more than self-written words. So … what´s the favour? I would like to ask you to send me a mail describing how my work on this blog or activities around this blog helped you at your work or what impact this blog had to you. If you want to help me, please send such amail to Thank you in advance!