Alice is a bitch

I left Alice. I found someone new and changed to the new one. But now, Alice is a little bit bitchy. I have to life with her up to the end of the month. Since yesterday, she don´t talk with me anymore. Don´t know why … i´ve called her parents, but they told me, that she will call back as soon as they know what had happend. But they didn´t called me so far. I´m somewhat upset about that. Before you ask: Alice isn´t a woman. Alice DSL is my old Internet Service Provider.. Now i have to use UMTS. So … blogging is limited in the next few days. PS: I would bet a good bottle of wine, that the new provider has already switched the line before they were allowed to do so. This would match to the situation: Alice uses Alcatel DSLAMS, my router shows a Broadcom DSLAM.