2 TB hard disks

A while ago, i´ve published a draft to a presentation regarding the end of RAID5. This was largely based on an article published by Robin Harris about the problematic nature of RAID5 in regard of large disks. He suggested that hard disks would reach 2 TB in 2009, thus RAID5 stops to work (it has something to do with the error probability reaching it´s sure occurance in a resync event, but look at the preso or read Robins blog article ). Well … Robin is right: WD announced 2 TB in a single disk drive - Western Digital Caviar Green 2TB hard drive - WD20EADS (vendor datasheet). By the way … such large disks have a nice business modell. You have to buy two or three of them, even if you just want 2 TB - at least for SoHo use. There isn´t a decent home user backup technology for such disks besides additional hard disks.