More than 250.000 NFS IOPS

Brendan Gregg did an interesting benchmark with our new storage systems to show what an 7410 single-head can deliver: A quarter million NFS IOPS. This number was generated with a benchmarking configuration - 1 byte blocksize. This isn´t really realistic - it´s just for benchmarking. But he delivers a more meaningful result in his text, too:

I've reached over 145,000 NFSv3 read ops/sec - and this is not the maximum the 7410 can do (I'll need to use a second 10 GigE port to take this further). The latency does increase as more threads queue up, here it is plotted as a heat map with latency on the y-axis (the darker the pixel - the more I/Os were at that latency for that second.) At our peak (which has been selected by the vertical line), most of the I/Os were faster than 55 us (0.055 milliseconds) - which can be seen in the numbers in the list on the left.