Wanted: A netbook without a camera

I have one customer, who has a strict “no cams” policy in place. And “no cams” means “really no cams”, not in your mobile, not in your notebook and digicams are especially bad. Besides of the fact, that this rule is security theatre (cams are so small today, you have to do a strip-search to find them), it´s one of my prefered customers, so i respect this without further complaining. But i have some problems with presentations. I have a notebook without a cam, but it´s an old one and don´t even think about doing a multi-VM Solaris presentation with it. This is the reason, why i look at this cheap Netbooks. And some are really great the tasks i want to have one. There are even some working for almost the complete flight from Frankfurt to New York and still cost under 450 Euro. The problem: They all have cameras. So they don´t solve my problem. I hope, i´m not the only one who wants such a netbook without a lousy cam. And by the way: Dear Apple … a MacBook Pro without a build-in iSight would be nice.