The next president has spoken - hopefully

I´ve viewed the Berlin speech of Barrak Obama yesterday evening on CNN (the german networks had terrible translators). I really think, i saw the next president of the United States. From my perspective it was a good speech. Refreshingly different than the other politicans i saw before (the US ones and the german ones as well). I really hope, your get it right this time, dear US voters … i really had some doubts about the mental status of the US people at the last election. BTW: I don´t think that this age is a problem. Long and vast Experience is often not much more than an excuse for stubborn narrow-mindness. You have advisors for this task, knowing much more about an issue than you will know … you just take care, that your advisors haven´t an own policy (but Bush (the younger one) got even relected with such advisors).