Linux, DTrace and the NIH syndrome

I wrote about the the strong “Not invented here” syndrome in the Linux community a year ago in DTrace, systemtap and a brief history of “NIH”. Nothing has changed so far … systemtap is still not admin-usable, dtrace find it´s way in more and more environments and the linux community is still discussing about their way. Paul Murphy reports about the reignited discussion in his article “DTrace and the Linux bunker mentality” (refering to Bryan Cantrills DTrace on Linux article) There is so much talent in the linux community. I don´t really understand why nobody is analysing DTrace. With analysing i don´t think about “Oh, it measures things”. I think about analysing all the concept, the ideas, and the implementation. And after this implementing something on par with DTrace. But that doesn´t take place at the moment.