The fourth anniversary of

Well, celebrates it´s fourth birthday today. On the 15th of July 2004 this blog started. Four years is a long time. I didn´t really thought that i would write here that long but it´s still fun at the moment. I really think that this blog will at least celebrate it´s fifth anniversary. What has happened in the last 12 month? The “Less known Solaris Features” series was really successful. The pdf of this series was downloaded almost 6000 times. 40.000 pageviews on the various LKSF articles in the blog. The series is vastly more successful than anticipated by myself when i thought about writing tutorials. The spin-off doesn´t took off as expected, but was my fault as i didn´t had the time to publish new articles. My reader seems to be interested about news in that topic, as the statistics indicate interest in the aviation related articles. The November was a great month for me. I´ve won the Best Blog of CEC contest with my reports from the CEC 2007 in October. I didn´t really thought that my blog was good enough to make the first prize but the jury decided different. A big thank you to you, again. BTW: I hope that i can attend the CEC this year again (Hope to sit on the right side of the plane at the approach this time) but i think i won´t write that much to concentrate more on networking there. After 7 years at Sun i´ve recognized that i should focus more on that as the next possible steps in my career at Sun are dependent from that. The big picture: It is somewhat strange to blog about big technological steps into the future and seeing our stock price declining. But as someone told me: The stock market isn´t the right location to look up the value of a company as it mutated into a large playground for private and institutional gamblers. Well … sometimes it´s disappointing not to be an official leak for informations. Besides one or the other scoop this would simplify the task to explain some movements vastly. All i can tell to you is that Sun will announce and deliver some really astonishing products until end of the next year (and yeah, Rock is one of them and it isn´t dead). Some numbers for the last year: 760 subscribers, up to 6000-7000 vists on weekdays, 2000 on weekend days. 4527 articles in the blog consisting out of 3.634.327 characters. The blog starts with 3306 comments in it´s fifth year. Thank you to all the reader that participated in my blog in the last year. The plans for the next year: At first the numerical ones .. over thousand subscribers. 10.000 visits a weekday. 5500 articles. I know, high numbers, but i need high targets … There will be still no advertisments in my blog (besides the small one for the company of my brother) as parts of it are created at work. May be this is right time to thank my managers for tolerating and encouraging this diversion from the daily business. There will be no printed LKSF book in english, but chances are good that there will be one in german. Furthermore there will be another tutorial series about features in the Sun world that doesn´t fit into the LKSF moniker. For example an Grid Engine tutorial or an Sun Cluster tutorial … but both are in the earliest planing stages. I wasn´t at CeBIT this year, so i hadn´t the opportunity to meet some of my readers, who asked me if they could find me on the CeBIT booth At the end, i want to tell you two stories about the importance of my blog for me.