NGN/NLUUG conferentie vj2012: Operating Systems

On April 11th, 2012 the Spring 2012 conference with the topic overarching topic “Operating Systems” takes place in Nieuwegein near Utrecht. Besides talks about Linux, Windows and AIX, there will be a track about Solaris. I will be the first speaker in the Solaris track and giving an overview about Solaris 11 and how features interact. Later on renowned experts like Detlef Drewanz (“Lifecycle Management with Oracle Solaris 11”), Andrew Gabriel (“Solaris 11 Networking - Crossbow Project”), Darren Moffat (“ZFS: Data integrity and Security”) and Casper Dik (“Solaris 11 Zones and Immutable Zones”) will take over. Finally Patrick Ale of UPC Broadband talks about his experiences with Solaris 11. When you want more information about this conference or register for it, you will find the webpage of the event at the NLUUG site.