2011 ... i will not miss you

The year almost over. As usual at this time i’m finalizing my tax declaration at the moment. But nevertheless i wanted to write a short article about the last year. The year started quite bad. In March i had a really bad argument with a good friend and we didn’t talked a word since that. Albeit my communication habits could have been better in that days, i assume the writing were on the wall before that day in march and it was just a matter of when, not if, when the argument broke loose. But starting in June the world just gone downhill for me. It started with the events that finally led to the state the blog currently is. That is really a large thorn sitting in the flesh hurting me all the time. However the consequences were inevitable. The job had two really great satisfying moments for me with larger successful projects, and a number of others were i was able to help others to find problems. That was really and deeply satisfying moments. Other things weren’t that well as well: Just two main ones … in my vacation i was ill at the weekend and needed almost the complete vacation to get really rid of that nasty bug, and then just 2 days in the job again i broke my ankle and had a torn ankle ligament. While it was painful at least my body seems still to have its good regeneration capabilties in regard of injuries. I don’t need painkillers any longer and i’m just wearing the aircast orthotic device at the moment. 24 days is not that bad. On the good side: My house is almost completed … perhaps 3 month of work in the evening left. So i will have more time to other things soon: Like really pursuing new opportunities - career as well as personal - , finding a new hobby in the year one after almost two years of construction work that rules out any other free time things. Like reading through the heap of books that piled up this year, to get rid of several kilos. Finding a new car in February. Thinking of a nice S60 at the moment. Trying not to break my bones again. And perhaps a longer vacation abroad this year. I wish you all a good transition into the next year and successful 2012.