A recent OSOL-LiveCD can be very useful ... even for Solaris 10 users

There is the cool command line option for the transaction group rollback feature. This feature was integrated at the end of October. It’s useful when you are a victim of lying hardware. For example, a hardware lying about the CACHE FLUSH or about the sequence it uses to write blocks to disks. But what do you do if you ran into such a zpool corruption and don’t have an recent developer build of OpenSolaris in use or you use Solaris 10? Well, Victor Latushkin described in a mail at zfs-discuss a nice solution. When your hardware killed your ZFS, just use a LiveCD with OpenSolaris 128 or better, import the pool as described by Victor, export it and you are done. Now you should be able to use the pool again (given the disk was haunted by a failure mode that is solvable by a transaction group rollback). PS: Don’t even think about using the zfs upgrade command while using the LiveCD. Don’t do this or you can upgrade you system to the developer build. PS2: Recent builds of the LiveCDs are available at genunix or as a Torrent at dlc.sun.com.