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Looks like Opensource is really huring Microsoft, so if you don’t mind to work for the evil empire, there is an interesting job offering: Linux and Open Office Compete Lead

If you’re looking for a new role where you’ll focus on one of the biggest issues that is top of mind for KT and Steve B in “Compete”, build a complete left to right understanding of the subsidiary, have a large amount of executive exposure, build and manage the activities of a v-team of 13 district Linux& Open Office Compete Leads, and develop a broad set of marketing skills and report to a management team committed to development and recognized for high WHI this is the position for you!

Well … additionally we know now from this job offering that Microsoft has a large affinity to abbreviations ;)

[...] KT [...] Steve B [...] v-team [...] WHI [...] CSI [...] GM [...] BG [...] BMO [...] CSI [...] CSI Lead US [...] BMO [...] IW [...] CSI [...]