Netapp/Sun ZFS lawsuit

The news about the removal of ZFS from Sourceforge resulted in a reinvigorated interest in the NetApp/Sun lawsuit. A multitude of web pages reported about this step. There is a comment from an authoritative source about the “Why?”. I will not add something to that. But i want to say something to the ever ocurring references to this lawsuit: Well … i have to admit, that this lawsuit wasn’t in my focus over the last few months, as i thought “Let the lawyers do their job, this can take a while”. But with all this comments a short article looking into the developments since the beginning of this year looked as a necessary choice. There is one point that i find really interesting: Everyone is talking about the point that Sun may loose ZFS, but out of a strange reason most people aren’t talking about the point that NetApp has a similar problem by the countersuing, as they can lose core patents behind WAFL. And they have already loosed some patents or at least important claims. A source of information is the ZFS Sun/NetApp lawsuit page at Sun. Let’s just take the published PTO documents and not the comments by Sun. To dodge the countersuing, NetApp tried to invalidate some patent (5761662 (“Personalized information retrieval using user-defined profil”) for example) but had no success. The PTO send an “Notice of Intent to Issue” after the reexamination. The same is valid for 6591303 (“Method and apparatus for parallel trunking of interfaces to increase transfer bandwith”). On the other side:

</noautobr>At the moment i don’t think that Sun will get problems in the NetApp/Sun lawsuit. I see more problems for NetApp when core patents are invalidated. However: At court and at sea you are in god’s hand.