Loadbalancing with Opensolaris - or: PSARC 2008/575

An nice addition to the networking functionality has found its way into the Opensolaris codebase: PSARC 2008/575 ILB: Integrated L3/L4 Load balancer. This code enables Opensolaris to act as a simple load balancing device. It already contains features like acting as a loadbalancer in NAT or direct-server-return-mode as well as ping/udp/tcp and scripted health checks. You will find more information about this new feature in the case log of PSARC 2008/575. The configuration is pretty straight-forward. To configure a loadbalancing on a group of four servers you have to use this commands:

ilbadm create-servergroup -s servers=webserv1,webserv2,webserv3 webgroup
ilbadm add-server -s servers=webserv4 webgroup
ilbadm create-rule -i port=80,vip=,ipversion=IPv4 \ 
	-m lbalg=hash-IP-port,type=NAT \
	-o servergroup=webgroup webrule

I think as soon as this code is available in Opensolaris, i will try to marry it with the KSSL functionality. Would be nice, to use both functions to create an SSL-offloading loadbalancer :)