SPARC64 VII speed bump

The Fujitsu website already provides the press release for the speedbump of the SPARC64 VII: Now it’s available with 2.88 GHz for the M9000/M8000 and with 2.53 GHz for the M4000/5000. This release is accompanied by a new memory controller for the M8000/M9000 to give them an additional performance kick. The speedbumped CPUs can be used together with older SPARC64 VI or VIII in the same system while operating at their nominal speed. You will find the press release with further informations at the Fujitsu website (i assume, it’s available at first at their website, because it’s already near of the end of the business day in Japan). The SAP Benchmark page already provides the certification for an M9000 with 32 sockets (the smaller one, there is one available with 64 sockets) - 95,480 SAPS with 17,430 users. Operating system was Solaris 10 (of course) and the database was 10g.