7,717,511 tpmC

A system from Sun has know the performance crown in TPC-C: 7,717,511 tpmC on a system with 12 T5440. The system used 60 F5100 Flash Storage Arrays. Interesting point: The complete infrastructure used 9 racks instead of the 76 racks of the next best IBM result. Furthermore it used significantly less power per ktpmC as Brian Whitney points out in his blog. Interesting from the Solaris perspective: It uses the COMSTAR target of Solaris 2009.06 in parts of the system. I’m really looking forward to read more about this configuration. PS: Not that the benchmark got recently better, but it’s easier to say that “TPC-C is unrealistic” when you are at the top of the list;) Disclosure Statement: TPC Benchmark C, tpmC, and TPC-C are trademarks of the Transaction Performance Processing Council (TPC). 12-node Sun SPARC Enterprise T5440 Cluster (1.6GHz UltraSPARC T2 Plus, 4 processor) with Oracle 11g Enterprise Edition with Real Application Clusters and Partitioning, 7,717,510.6 tpmC, $2.34/tpmC. Available 12/14/09