Solaris 11.2 announcement - a collection of links (Part 2)

Glenn Faden is writing about Authenticated Rights Profiles. Now you can assign administrative rights to a user, so she or he doesn’t need to assume a role with the role password but still require him to authenticate. A second really interesting new feature of Solaris 11.2 Glenn is writing about is the “Qualified User Attributes” feature, this is answering the challenge to limit for example an expanded set of privileges to a host or a group of hosts when you are putting the user information into LDAP. Qualified User Attributes solves this nicely. By the way, such nice feature as limiting access or privileges to a certain timespan is available as well is in Solaris 11.2 as well. So you can just allow your junior administrator to do certain tasks for example just on weekdays between 09:00 and 17:00 . Mike Gerdts points in this blog entry to the various pieces of information regarding Kernel Zones and shows how to install a Kernel zones in three easy steps. Just a tip: Please keep in mind, that you can’t do Kernel Zones inside a Virtualbox environment out of obvious reasons. Another blog entry is about the new dynamic reconfiguration of zones. In “Need another disk in your zone? No problem!” he is talking how you can add for example a disk to a zone without rebooting the zone.