A double-edged sword

The photo of the GUUG badge is a nice example, why i’m not totally opposed to DRM. Let’s forget the fact, that simply copying the photo without attribution is a violation of the Creative Commons License of all the content i’m creating here. I’m just using it as an example, because even it’s relatively unfunny and just a little bit funny in the context of a Unix blog, it found it’s copies in a number of internet portals. Let’s assume the GUUG wants me to delete this photo or let’s assume it’s a compromising photo made and published by a third party. The publisher isn’t able to revoke, perhaps he or she could write to all websites, where she or he finds it, but then you won’t get all the copies on the desktops and you can be sure, it will reappear soon and you have to fight down a wave of copies again (given the point that jokes are distributing in waves - hitting first-wave members every five waves again - through mailboxes is a nice example for this distribution waves). DRM would enable a user to widthdraw such content from the internet. Or to introduce some kind of digital oblivion into the Internet, what’s okay with 20 may be inacceptable when 40 years old. I’m pretty aware that DRM is a double-edge sword, as well as it can delete your copy of “Alice in Wonderland” on your device, it could delete compromising content and protect your sphere of privacy. However … i don’t have an idea how to get second part, but noth both.