Very first shoot

Approach to FRA on Wednesday. The interactions of sunlight and the clouds were incredible beautiful. And then i made a decision. I need a new camera. Yes … i have one … my Nikon D90 and i have already invested a lot of money on it. However in the recent years it was more and more obvious to me that this large camera is keeping me from taking photos. Just out of a single reason: Because it’s at home. I was thinking about a small camera for a while now. However the next thought was “No, you have already an excellent one”. I was really disappointed about having no camera with me while sitting in the aircraft looking out of the window at the awesome “scenery”. So I made a quick decision: I went into the Miles&More shop at FRA and purchased a new camera with my miles - so no real money changed its owner. I know it’s not the best use of airline miles, however such emotional, ad-hoc decisions are never wise. That said, i’m know a proud owner of a Panasonic Lumic DMC-TZ10. Really nice camera i was looking at for a while now. And this photo is the first shoot with it:

Very first shoot with the new camera ...

I made this picture while sitting in the FTL lounge of Lufthansa in Frankfurt to test the tele-end of the camera. The light at the top of the photo is the light of the room reflected by the window in front of me.