I have a new mobile phone. After using Apple phones for quite a while now (the imperium got me after owning a number of fringe phones for a while like the Siemens SX1 or the Nokia N97), i switched sides: It’s a HTC One. In black (I will never ever make the mistake to buy a camera or a device with a camera in silver again). It’s hands down the best phone i have ever owned or just used. However more interesting: It was actually fun to use the camera in this phone. Most of the time i’ve kept the DSLR in my backpack when i was on Ruegen (had a small vacation to recharge myself, albeit i had to work on Friday, but where i put my notebook with reasonable mobile phone coverage is my home office) and used the camera of the HTC one. I was really surprised about the quality. Of course not comparable with a DSLR. Nevertheless really nice. You can see some of the pictures at flickr.