TPC-C fine

Oracle was fined $10.000 because they made this “Oracle+Sun=Faster” claim. The problem was, that Oracle compared IBM’s 6 Mio TPC-C with XX TPC-C on a unnamed Sun gear with Oracle software. The problem: The rules of TPC-C mandate that you have to publish the results before you can use them. And the results has to be audited by TPC before you are allowed to publish them. Damned. Now Oracle’s statement from the ad and the fine is at several locations at the web. I find it interesting, that the complaint came from the company that uses benchmarking tricks, interesting (to say it benevolent) assumption in cost compare calculations. The company that was winner of the “Golden FUD thrower” for several consecutive years ;) And sorry: Oracle didn’t lie (as some news outlet wrote … at foremost BlueToTheBones article at ElReg in his cheap headliner) … it’s just about rules. Let’s just wait for October 14th.