100 Million per month

This must be something like their inner October Revolution Parade or 4th of July fireworks for our beloved competitor. Their FUD seems to be effective. Reuters writes in “Sun Micro losing $100 million a month, Ellison says”:

Oracle Corp (ORCL.O) Chief Executive Larry Ellison said Sun Microsystems Inc (JAVA.O) is losing about $100 million a month as European regulators delay approving his company's $7 billion purchase of the struggling hardware maker.

I’m still asking myself, who told the EC this Mysql bullshit. Sorry colleagues at Mysql, but Mysql will be never in the same market like the RDBMS market. And it shouldn’t be in that market. For some people it’s already too far in this market, today. That’s one of the reasons for Drizzle. I think the markets are pretty much complementary. Additionally: The code is open source. Whenever Oracle would decide to stop developing Mysql, there would be other companies starting development instead of Oracle. When Oracle Support of Mysql is too expensive, there will be other companies offering cheaper support. That’s is the only advantage of open-source in my opinion for 95% of all users, because most people never see the source even at Makefile distance, as they just install a package.