Recommended Listenting: Sybreed - God is an automaton

I know 95% of the people reading this blog will just switch it off after 10 seconds. But from my point of few it’s really great music. A few months ago i found this band from switzerland by listening to a great remix of a Conjure One (Like Ice (Drop’s Distorted Implant) … i’m using the part between 3:29 and 4:14 as my ringtone ;) ) title made by Thomas Betrisey, which in turn is the guitarist and programmer of Sybreed. What is Sybreed? A band from Switzerland, Geneva to be exact. A wild mixture of Death Metal, Industrial and electronica. With “God is an automaton” they recently released a new album. I can just recommend it .. okay … for people liking this kind of music. Right mixture of growling and singing, right mixture of guitars and electronics. The most accessible parts of the album are “Line of least resistance” and “Destruction and Bliss” as well as “Challenger”.