Recommended Listening: Vocal Line

So … you may think that Jörg got totally insane given that his taste of music gone totally haywire now. But i want to remember you, that i flew once to London to hear the massive choir with hundreds voices in the Requiem of Hector Berlioz. Okay, this music is made by a choir, that isn’t that large, but the repertoire is much more modern. By pure luck i found the music of the danish a cappella choir “Vocal Line” in iTunes today. Their version of Peter Gabriel’s “Mercy Street” is just awesome. The acappella interpretation of Tori Amos “Crucify” is excellent as well. And i’m surely prefer their version of “Jóga” as i don’t like the voice of Bjork. Another recommended tracks is the a cappella version of “Don’t give up”. Just give it a try :) PS: Remember that choir music just works with good speakers and a lot of volume ;)