Recommended Listening: Imogen Heap - First Train Home

When you here new music, most music is just substandard … products of industrialized music production from musicans, that doesn´t deserve this name, as they are just casted into the role of presentators of music, that isn´t art, just the result of market research to provide music you buy, but you don´t know why. Music you hear, but you don´t know why. Music you will forget, and you will never know that you ever knew it. Just to get the money from your purse. And often this works reasonably well to keep the music industry running . But within all this meaningless music you will find some stuff that seems to counter this trend. This recommended listening is such a kind of music. For people reading my blog for a long time it is nothing new, that i´m a fan of the music of Imogen Heap. Her album Speak for yourself was on heavy-rotation for quite a while in my playlist. Now her new album “Ellipse” is imminent and a first single is available: First Train Home. I like this track … i´m really looking forward to the album.