Fighting for the best place in the apron bus

A few weeks ago i wrote about this strange behaviour of airline passenger to storm the aircraft as there would be no reserved seats in it or no kind request to start boarding with the rows in the back of the aircraft. There is another interesting behaviour: As i’m traveling to the smaller airports with smaller aircrafts quite frequently (Canadair, Embraer or Dash-8 … not capable to use a gangway), apron-parking is something quite normal for me. You aren’t allowed to walk over the apron, so they use busses to shuttle you to the aircraft. And here the strange behavior starts: No matter how many seats in the bus are still free, everyone tries to stand near the doors. Even when those spaces are overcrowded nobody starts to move into the aisles of the bus except the room is that overcrowded that people are forced to move into the aisle. I assume airline passengers would still fight to be first in the row or at near as possible to the exists of the bus when 10 passengers are booked for a A380 flight.