Anyone who goes travelling has stories to tell

There is an old saying that you shouldn’t write the laudatio for a day at it’s beginning. I was happy about getting the flight this morning, but the problems started in DRS. As i had to get somewhere outside of Dresden, i was in need of a rental car, as it looked like a cab would be more expensive. So i’ve tried to get a car from the rental company X. But they had just an S-class sedan. Thus i’ve opted for a different company and booked a car at the rental company Y. All was …. the problem started at the airport in Dresden: Rental Car company Y has no office at the airport. It just had an office at the town … or to be exact: on the other side of the town. Damned. A cab? Well. I spend 10 Euro for a destination that is practially just on the other side on the airport (okay … a little bit farther, but not much) … for the money i would have to pay for the cab i would get a rental car. Rental Car company X they still hadn’t a car … no no-shows this day, but they offered me an other car … will come later to it. Rental car company Z … yes … but just with summer tires. But i saw all that snow from the aircraft window. That wasn’t really an option. Rental car company W … the same. I looked at the cabs and thought “Damned … i take the other car at company X”. After a short discussion i got my car … and this is the only positive about the situation: I’ve got an BMW X5 for almost the same price as the usual car. Nice … however i was half an hour late at the customer site (after getting the keys, going to the garage, learning how this automatic gear box can be forced in going forward. ). This was especially negative as this was planed as a short meeting anyway. End of Rental company X soared in my view. Rental company Y … well … i will never try to book a car there again.