Problems with the 787 - revisited

I’ve lost my fear of flying a while ago, but in the light of the disclosures about the 787 in this article it’s a good question, if this fear will haunt me again. At least in a certain type of aircraft. The Seattle Times reported in “Boeing 787 wing flaw extends inside plane”, that the 787 hadn’t problems with delaminating wings at ultimate load (limit load + 50 % of limit load). No, the problems occurred right above limit load (the maximum load the wing will experience in airline service). Ouch. At least this gives a good explanation, why Boeing delayed the test flight. The Seattle Times further reports:

Because the wing test fell short of the ultimate load target, the plane could have flown only under restrictions that would have severely limited the usefulness of a test flight.
It also helps explain why Boeing canceled the first flight planned for the end of June.