The stormy landing approach in Hamburg last year.

Just heard on N24, that the Luftfahrtbundesamt found the reason for the go-around with touching the ground in the last year in Hamburg. The Spiegel (a german magazine) will report it: They call it a computer problem. Well … i´m not so sure of that, and i´m sure that the Luftfahrtbundesamt said something different in their report. Why do i think different? Well … i remember the last crash with fatalities of the Lufthansa on 14. September 1993 in Warsaw. At that time the Lufthansa Airbus A320 crashed into a small “hill” at the end of the run-way. The reason: The computer of the Airbus didn´t think that the Airbus is on ground and thus it didn´t brake. At this time the computer programm for the brakes was modified and the activation of the brakes was coupled to an pressure of 2t instead of 12 tons on the landing gears and the airbrakes and the reverse thrust isn´t coupled to the landing gears at all and i´m sure that many landing were more secure of this decision. When i look at the video of this attempt to land it looks like that both gears touched the ground and thus the Airbus switched in the ground mode. Looks as “works as designed”. That isn´t a computer problem. This circumstances was just out of the specification. But as usual … i´m waiting for the final report. But i find something strange about this: When even a computer guy like me know about this situation, why does a pilot know about it, as the Hamburger Abendblatt reports it. Okay, i´ve read a lot about it to explain in meetings and seminars about the fact that the ability to specify requirements is finite. There will be always unspecified circumstances. But well … the Hamburger Abendblatt wrote, that the Spiegel will report about this. And the Spiegel is pretty well known for being overly negative in regard of Airbus. I remember they have declared the death of Airbus when Boeing announced the 787 ;) They have even the old story about the Airbus being a computer controlled plane, but i assume you can´t talk with a journalist about direct law, alternate law and normal law.