The $year++ just took place. So i just wanted to wish you a nice 2014. I made some new years resolutions. Like loosing the same amount of weight as in the last 3 months every 3 months in the next year. Like doing my taxes earlier this year. But is the same resolution as last year and this year i dropped my tax declaration into the postbox with just one or two hours left to of the old year. There will be a new LKSF version this year. I planed to release it on 1.1.14. However after working on it, a publication in first half of this year is more realistic, perhaps first quarter … however i can’t promise it. The blog will stay at this relatively low level of publication, however i plan to post technical articles when interesting stuff is passing by … however end of last year the construction of my home as been finally completed, so maybe i have much more time now for the blog again. This was really a killer for the blogging frequency. So: Have a nice 2014. I wish you a lot of success and i hope you stay healthy at least until the next $year++