I'm starting to get really angry ....

It’s really seldom, that i’m spotlighting a reader in a blog entry, but i think it’s necessary to give some perspective to the reader Steve A. It’s really hard to annoy me that much, that i’m getting angry (despite the belief of many colleagues that i’m actually a Klingon) This reader got annoying, when he faked a discussion in the comments to the blog entry App benchmarks, incorrect conclusions and the Sun Storage F5100. After that a discussion surged in several other locations, showing a lack of clue regarding those benchmarks and the technologies and differences, despite trying to explain several factors to him.
That wouldn’t be worth an article: While 99% of comments in this blog are really knowledgeable or interesting, the 1% is a annoying but stable amount of trolling in the blog. At the end there is an easy rule to stay sane while having a blog with 2000 subscribers and thousands of vistors a day: Don’t take anybody too serious, especially not yourself. At the end an comment in a different blog was the straw that broke the camel’s back. The reader Steve A. accused me of making up the numbers in Giri Mandalikas blog:

There never was an eight-stream result on the HP hardware...Joerg at c0t0d0s0.org just made that up.

Of course i didn’t and Giri already answered with the links to screenshots showing the documents. The second screenshot of the benchmark whitepaper clearly shows that the widthdawn/removed benchmark of the HP rx6600 used 8 streams. So he accused me of lying there. In the blogosphere reputation is pivotal and therefore i don’t have the slightest humor in regard of such accusations. So when you read any comments of this guy in this blog, you should keep his methods in mind. Dear Steve A., i don’t have any plans to block your comments here as i can’t speak out against any censorship and starting to blocking articles at the same time. But as long you do not learn to discuss in a civilized way and starting to get a clue about the stuff you are talking about, i just would prefer when you decide just to fuck off … Dear audience, when you see some comments of Steve A. writing such a bullshit in regard of made up numbers, just drop me a mail.