An experiment was a driven by a single person for a long time. It’s a one-man-show. And it will stay this way as i like to do whatever i want to do with this blog. But i have decided to try something new: I decided to introduce a column in my blog written by someone else. The idea to do so was born, when i saw some blog posts of a colleague. His blog has only a very small audience, but the articles (posted and planed ones) are too interesting to sleep on a page with a low page rank. Instead of helping him to establish yet another blog, we had the idea of establishing a regular column in my blog. This column doesn’t have a name so far: I thought about “Practical Solaris” or “Solaris from the trenches” because the topic of this column are small and large tricks, that make your life easier with Solaris while working at customer sites. Expect a new entry in this column at a bi-weekly schedule. It’s just an experiment, but let’s have a look how this will develop in the next months. Okay, who is this new and first columnist at It’s Heiko Stein. Heiko Stein is an expert colleague at Sun in Berlin. His job is Senior Engineer/Architect at Sun Professional Services Delivery. Please welcome him when he publishes the first installment of his column! :) PS: Opinions to this step are welcome as well. Feel free to comment :)