2000 Downloads of the LKSF book

2000 downloads of the “Less known Solaris features” book in four days. Pretty cool. I have already some plans for the future. It will stay free under the Creative Commons license. I have no plans to make a real book out of it. One of the next larger projects will be the rewrite of my tutorial regarding the Jumpstart Enterprise Toolkit. Okay, as the fourth person just asked me about a Amazon Wishlist: Okay, you find it here. This is just for the ones, who really can´t resist. The tutorial is my way to give something back to the community. I didn´t wrote it to get something for. Okay, one important remark: I´m normally i use it as an public “to buy” list for myself. Thus do not wonder, when there are expensive items on it. I´ve tagged them with ignore, so just do that: ignore them.