Less known Solaris Features: Point-in-time copy with AVS - Part 2: Basics

One of this methods is the usage of the point in time copy functionality of the Availibility Suite. I´ve wrote about another function of AVS not long ago when i wrote the tutorial about remote replication. Point-in-time-copy and remote replication are somewhat similar (you detect and record changes and transmit those to a different disk, albeit the procedures are different). Thus it was quite logical to implement both in the AVS.

Availability Suite (AVS)

The AVS is a Suite consisting out of two important parts: The “Remote Replication” functionality and the “Point-in-time Copy” functionality. Regular readers of this blog will remember the remote replication as i´ve already written a tutorial about it. The Availability Suite is integrated to Solaris Express Community and Developer Edition. You can use it for free. It´s available for Solaris as well, but when you want support for it, you have to buy the product, as it´s a add-on product for Solaris 10

The jargon of Point in Time Copies with AVS

Okay, as every technology the mechanisms of Point-in-time copies have their own jargon and i will use it quite regulary in this tutorials.