Do not walk over the apron

Processes on the apron of an airport are really tight … yesterday i´ve got aware of this fact again. Yesterday evening i´ve took the plane to Hamburg, Gate 22 in MUC. A “finger” position. The plane was already there … but the finger was out of order, it collided with a ground vehicle. Albeit the plane was visible, we had to board the bus, drive along of half of the terminal, then to the apron and the complete distance back to the plane just to board it from the rear exits. The gag: we stood directly in front of the plane … maybe 5-10 meters. But you aren´t allowed to simply walk to the stairs, you have to drive by bus. BTW: This was better than on the flight to MUC. We were on time, standing on our outside parking position. This was seemingly so unusual that we had to wait quite long for some ground personal to move a stair to the plane.