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I´m at home. At last. This was really a day to make two of it and still having some spare hours. It began with sleeping really bad last night. Looked at the clock at 3, at 4 and at quarter past 5. At six, i stood up, but was still tired. 9 o´clock meeting, the first presentation of the day at quarter past 10. Presented with Constantin for round about an hour. Left the hotel in Schwaebisch-Hall much to late. Standard road back to Stuttgart. Well, this way stopped right after the city border of Schwaebisch-Hall traffic jam. Forced me to drive the scenic but slower road to Stuttgart. Returning my rental car, no time for refueling it. And it was still to late … but i had luck … as the loading didn´t started, they took my luggage. I think all my charm (yes, i have something like that) , a really honest and nice smile (yes, i can do something like that) and my FTL card got me in that plane. I think, the real difference. Was a good flight to TXL … besides of spilling the rest of my apple juice on my trousers. Well, i made it to the customer (an education partner … i´ve mad a presentation in front of their customers. It was a “Solaris at a glance” presentation) At 17 o´clock the next presentation. It started with the usual beamer problems … as soon ultra portable beamers for the notebook bag come available, i will buy one … at the end we changed rooms because the beamer are fixed in the rooms. I´ve finally made the train to hamburg at quarter past eight and now i´m finalizing the last slides for my presentation tomorrow. Have a good night ….