Prefered blogs

A few days ago i wrote about the free version of Netnewswire 3.1 and the masses of feeds i read with this tool. I was asked about about my favorite feeds in the comments of this article. Good question … what are my favorite feeds within the mass of 300 feeds. I could take my A-Blog folder, but this aren´t nescessarly my Top-10. There are some blogs in that list, that aren´t that good, but they have some importance for me. So i´ve sorted them in that folder.I thought a little bit about it and this is my top list of blogs: Schneier on Security is a must read-blog. It´s a good source for any security related topic. And it´s the blog of the man who knows Alice and Bob´s shared secret. The aggregated feed of all blogs is important as well. This is a high volume feed, but it contains really precious gems from time to time. A huge part of my work time consists out of presentations. Thus Presentation Zen is another really important blog for me. I´ve got really good tips from this site. It sparked my way of doing presentations in a derived lessig-style. As you may have noticed, i´m an avid photographer. DigitalPhotographySchool is a good blog for tips on taking pictures. Sorry, the next good blog is only for readers who understand german: Die wunderbare Welt von Isotopp is a really interesting blog and Kristians explainatory articles about technical issues are simply excellent. The next blog is a german blog, too:, a good blog regarding security (not only computer security) Scientia´s blog offers an interesting perspective to the AMD and Intel competiion. An important blog for everyone in the x86 server business or interested in this topic. It´s an low-volume blog, but the quality of the articles is excellent.