Opensolaris for mainframes

eweek reports in OpenSolaris Soon to Run on IBM Mainframes about the effort to port Opensolaris to mainframes:

David Boyes, president and chief technology officer of Sine Nomine Associates, an Ashburn, Va.-based consultancy that handled most of the integration and migration duties, told eWEEK at the Gartner Data Center Conference 2007 here that the new IBM-tuned version of OpenSolaris will be ready soon. He declined to be more specific.

Albeit a technological archievement, i think it will have the same future like Linux on Mainframe. It´s there, it´s used for some tasks, but it won´t put new customers to the mainframe. It´s simply cheaper and simpler to use a x86 or SPARC system and support by ISV is even more difficult. The USP of Mainframe Linux was the virtualisation, but this is hardly unique anymore.