Jim Grisanzio about the Interview with Torvalds

Jim Grisanzio comments in Two great Linus quotes the same article in Informationweek, i´ve commented this afternoon:

Even though I took these two quotes out of the context of the original article, they illustrate two points I agree with: (1) one person or company shouldn't control the entire community, and (2) the real value of community development comes over the long term and results from many small contributions, not one big one.

Jim looks to this interview from the community building perspective, not from the technical one: Albeit it´s correct that small steps are the nature of community development, i would like a clearer vision of the future from leading developers. Answers to the questions: “Where are the weaknesses we want to solve? where are industry wide developments, we want to integrate? Where are the strength we want to build on in 2008?” From this standpoint the interview of Linus was a little bit disappointing. I do not think, it´s a good idea to copy the complete modell of Linux. Albeit the focus of Opensolaris to Sun has to decrease to get as successful as Linux is today, there should be a vision where Opensolaris wants to be in 2008 or 2009. And in one point i have to disagree with Jim and Linus: There are silver bullets in open source. Look at dtrace, look at zfs, look at Linux on x86 in it´s entiretywhich was quite an effective silver bullet in regard of Sun´s business after the the burst of the dot.com bubble, forcing Sun to reconsider some business decisions …