So, i hope that the changes to the infrastructure will lead to an more stable website. So, what it´s the problem: 3000 Visits a day are really good for a niche blog like, but normaly nothing near a problem for Apache. The problem: The useful requests aren´t the problem. Within twelve hours this weblog gets round about 100.000 hits. The bandwidth consumption is between one and two gigabytes per day. And most of it is spam: Within 12 hours the script for posting comments was triggered 78000 times. 78000 useless requests, 78000 useless request to spam filter clearing houses. When i started as an architect at 10 years ago, we´ve designed the systems for 50.000 pageviews a day. Now i need 50.000 pageviews capacity without having served a single reader of my blog. Something goes really wrong in the internet. The problems isn´t the internet itself. The problem starts in Redmond: My ruleset for the worst spam offenders (100 and more comment requests within the last 12 hours) is 50 lines long. 50 different IP addresses. 50 different systems. As long it´s so easy to “own” other peoples machines and aggregate them to bot nets, there will be no escape from this. By the way: Microsoft can´t give itself a green image as long their are not able to secure their operating systems. Millions of Millions of CPU cycles are wasted every day for cleaning up the problems of an operating system never meant to be connected to a network. Companies operate large arrays of systems to filter spam in every form of its existence, searching for viruses on dozens of attack vectors. Home users operate firewalls, the mail programms use compute intensive heuristics to search spam and scan for scamware, virures, malware, ransomware and so on. Now think about computing without all this. Without the possibility to use large bot nets, a simple ACL in your router would suffice. A secure operating system from Microsoft would be the most efficient energy saver right now ….