3 years of c0t0d0s0.org

15th of July, 2004. The first entry in my blog. So this blog celebrates it´s third anniversary today. The last year was turbulent: Such heights like the 2nd rank at the CEC06-blogging contest or the successful presentations at the re:publica 07. But there were also such darker hours like my short time in hospital and the longer time at various doctor´s waiting rooms. The planing for the next year: I will blog even more massive than last year from the Customer Enginnering Conference 2007 in Las Vegas. I would prefer San Francisco, but hey … i wasn´t in Vegas before. I still think about podcasting … but i think, that this will start with a public podcast about the CEC at earliest. The introduction of Niagara 2 will take some place in this blog. And: There are some further topics for this blog, but nothing to talk about right now. Some numbers of the 3rd year of operation : Up to 400 RSS-feed subscribers daily, 1000 Visits on weekends, 2000-3000 Visits on weekdays.