RHEL5 LSPP vs. Solaris LSPP

After the LSPP EAL4+ evaluation of RHEL5 you should read this article to get an in-depth view to the matter. The articleComparing the Multilevel Security Policies of the Solaris Trusted Extensions and Red Hat Enterprise Linux Systems ends with:

RHEL5 LSPP and Trusted Extensions have taken different design approaches to meet the same CC profiles. However, while these systems might meet the same criteria, it is important to consider the functionality that is included in the systems submitted for LSPP evaluation. Trusted Extensions includes several features, such as multilevel NFS and a multilevel windowing system, that are designed to meet the security data flow requirements specified by LSPP and to be usable in real-world environments and by real-world customers. Comparable features are either not available or have been excluded from the RHEL5 LSPP evaluation target.

It´s quite interesting, how different two system with the same EAL level and the same protection profile can be.