Opensolaris for Mainframes?

According to the german IT newspaper Computerwoche, the manager for the SystemZ product line in germany announced the development of Opensolaris for mainframes. Okay, from the technological standpoint this are great news. But i don´t believe this will have any impact: At first, when you need mainframe class computing for your applications you would buy something like the M9000 or the the SunFire 25k. This is the real stuff. You can get thousands of supported application for it. Supported 3rd party enterprise applications for Linux or Opensolaris on Mainframe: Zero, nada … or almost in this range. When you have a single application that only runs on Solaris: You should use a cheap SPARC or x86 server. This systems are dirt cheap for their value. Even when you buy them from vendors with less then 4 letters in their name. And you have higher performance. But the biggest waste of money is the usage of a mainframe for applications that were designed with small workgroup servers in mind. And, in my personal opinion, a mainframe is a complete waste of money, unless you have some applications you don´t want to port. For new applications or for revised applications, you should use something more cost effective. But i see the advantage for IBM: It´s the next attempt to solve their nuclear submarine problem at mainframe computing. So … nice news, but big news would be an officially supported port of Opensolaris to the pSeries.