Transitive announced the availability of QuickTransit® for Solaris™/SPARC®-to-Solaris™/x86. The target of this product is to enable migrations from SPARC to x86.
I have some problems with the real need for this product. It´s extremly probable, that a vendor won´t support an application on an emulated SPARC. There is one use case, where this an be of real use: You lost the sourcecode of a self-written programm and the programmers of the stuff are already retired or on the grave yard. But, TPM wrote the best explanation ever of Transitives business modell:

In the spring of 2005, the company launched its products, and rather than sell QuickTransit as a product itself, Transitive decided that the best way to extract the most money out of the market was to sell bullets to all the platform vendors and get them shooting at each other.