Redmonk about Web 2.0 companies and Sun

Very insightful comment at the Redmonk: Sun Analyst Event: Starting Up with Startups

And while they’re not likely to be competing heavily with their traditional rivals for customers like Automattic, they will be seeing a lot of Amazon and the whitebox providers. They may even need to add bodies to attack the problem, as most of Sun’s DNA is heavily enterprise oriented.

Or use existing resources that came from internet providers. I would like to work more with this Web 2.0 companies. Completely different mindset at this companies and at first: They are extremly open minded, as long as it match to their budgets. They act fast. And politics is almost absent in this business. Would be a dream to work with. The best technical solutions counts, not the golf handicap of the sales rep ;) I think that people with internet background who worked a while with enterprise customers would be optimal for such customers, as their could mashup the best ideas from both worlds. The internet background for the right mindset to speak and work with such customers and the experience to prevent such customers from doing some fooleries that will kill them when they are one of the services with exponentional growth.