Emulation ?

Oh no … i see it coming. The next hype that will lead analysts to tell us, that Sun is dead fish in the water. Transitive announced an emulator for Sparc/Solaris on Linux on Xeon/Itanium. Well, surely it´s an technical archievement, but it´s a nice solution for a niche problem. Why it´s a niche ? You have to think about the following points:

So, what problem does it really solves ? As I said before a niche problem: You have an old selfwriten application on an old SparcStation 1, lost the source and the only way to get the developer back is to go to the graveyard with a shovel excavator.
It will surely not lead to a “even more massive server consolidation than we have seen to date” because it doesn´t solve real problems and open new ones instead.