Answer to the heat problem - The HP way

Sorry, but this sounds to me like moving deck chairs on the Titanic. The solution of the heat problems on x86-Systems is not reducing the power consumption. The solution are better fans. Wow. What a ingenious idea. And what do you make with the hot air in the datacenter. Even faster fans in the climate control systems ? Hot air doesn’t disappear by blowing it out of your server. And this is the rationale behind liquid in the datacenter: You need it in your server to get the heat out of you racks and to avoid hot spots in your datacenter layout.
So the argument “I think I just found a way to keep liquid out of our servers for another 10 years.” is utter bullshit, the wording “I think I Just found a way to keep our blades from wrecking up by heat until the next intel heatplates are available” would be much better. Don’t take me wrong: It’s a nice solution to make better fans, but it doesn’t really solve any energy problem. Sun developed UltraSPARC T1 exactly out of this reason. You don’t have cool down air, you havn’t heated up at the first place.
But this is the problem, when you have almost no processor technology you develop on your own. You can’t solve the root cause, so you have to move the deck chairs. And hell, the rails at the bow needs some paint from all the idiots standing there and shouting “I’m the king of the world”.