CeBIT 2009: 6th day - The End

This is the end … my friend … just the end. I just boarded an IC to Hamburg. I didn´t read the informations correctly, thus i thought that i have to work until 18 o´clock … but the CeBIT ended two hours earlier. At last: Mission completed, i did my very best. If you liked it, tell it to others. If you didn´t liked it, drill yourself a hole in your knee ;) We distributed every single OpenSolaris CD we had at the booth. At least i wasn´t able to found one. I even gave a way the CD we put in the optical drive to show the live boot . I just kept one of them for the last photo just before i gave away, too. I will ask Ingo about the number of CD but it must have been thousands. This CD was really the last one:

I´ve repeated my magic - as my collegue Ingo called it - . But as Arthur C. Clarke wrote: “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”. The technology was ZFS in this case. This day was definitely the day of the giveaway opposums. By the way, in the typology of CeBIT visitors this category ranges at the least liked end. I have a mixed position regarding the giveaway opposums. There are really many just impolite people within them, but on the other side i had some really interesting discussion with some of them. The giveaway opposum of today may be the decider tomorrow. But there are several kinds of opposums anyway … the Opposoraptor is prey opposum. It just grabs anything that isn´t nailed or glued to the booth. The only way to keep your pen is to keep it body attached to your lanyard or at clipped at your polo. I´ve kept some spare pens in my brochure holder next to my visit cards. One Opposoraptor just grabed into it and took out all of them. Not one, not two … no … seven in one strike. A prey opposum can easily yield the pens for their whole lifetime at a single CeBIT.There is another interesting form of the Opposoraptor … a domestified kind: The giveaway opposum ask you before it grabs away all your pens, all your DVDs. Of course there are several giveaway opposums that didn´t forget the rules of a good behaviour. I like them most because there remind me, that the ones with this egocentric and questionale behaviour are just a small group. Most of them ask in a polite way. Maybe i´m centering to much on being polite, but you learn most about people from their small gestures, not by the big things. I don´t know if there is something like halloween in Hannover … i just assume parents send their kids to CeBIT for getting sweets, small giveways and enough pens until they leave the equivalent of the senior high school. Anyway, as many jokes you make about the giveaway opposums: It´s a symbiosis. The opposum cleans the inhabitant of the booth of surplus giveaways.