CeBIT 2009: 4th day - The Morning

Okay, i´m in my 07:01 train from Hamburg towards Hannover. It´s the fourth day of this CeBIT. At the moment there are as many hours in front of me than behind me. My summary of the last day: The mindshare of OpenSolaris got vastly bigger since my last CeBIT 2 years ago. The opinion of the visitors about Sun got much more positive and nobody seems to question our position about open source. My expectations for this day: Hell on earth. Professional user who didn´t find an earlier slot in their schedule to visit the CeBIT, many people who use the CeBIT to get earlier out of office. And we will see the first waves of “Beutelratten” at the late afternoon, the well-known class of people collecting everything that isn´t nailed, glued or otherwise fixed to the booth. By the way: I didn´t wrote about it yesterday, but i did one of my Moellenkamp-Specials. I went for lunch, tried to pay and well … i took the wrong portemonaie out the safe i´m sharing with two colleagues in our wardrobe. When i told this the owner of the portmaine with the comment, that i recognized this because i didn´t knew i wear glasses, he just annotated “Obviously you need glasses”. But to my defense … both were black ;) And to the usual state of mind in my CeBIT articles: I really like this idiots in the train … you sidestep into a seat row to enable the people walking in the opposite direction to pass by and there are still people, that just overtake me and block the aisle instead of understanding the concept of breaking a deadlock introduced by the Pauli principle.Being polite seems to be a forgotten art. And i´m starting to get really weird … listened to the live cd of Kraftwerk while traveling to Hannover. The live version of “The Robots” is really great. And no … i´m not going insane … at least not even more insane than usual. Perhaps tomorrow ..I assume i will listen to Johnny Cash tomorrow morning … ;) Having said this: A nice boing bumm-tchack peng to you all.