CeBIT 2009: 4th day - The Evening

Strange … my feet doesn´t hurt so much today … i will check this evening if they are still in my shoes. I hope so ;) I´m not that tired like yesterday. What´s wrong with this day? The fourth day of the CeBIT has come to an end. I think it wasn´t that full like yesterday, but it was close. I can´t see “Schnitzel Wiener Art” (an escalope with pork, not beef) anymore … but it´s the only meal available in an finite amount of time in the self-service restaurant, that looks reasonably well. I´m not convinced that putting some cutted slices of a chicken breast filet sausage makes a chicken breast fillet salad out of an otherwise normal salad. And i´m not convinced that there is any justification for the price of this salad … although … 15,80 for a faked escalope is something between a bad joke and daylight robbery. A first résumé after four days: Despite all this crisis discussion it was a good CeBIT so far. It wasn´t that crowded like past CeBITs but he level of the CeBIT visitors was really high this year (at least in my humble opinion). Just a few gadget opposums. Many interesting people with interesting problems and interesting challenges giving interesting insights in their business. I´m really curious what the both weekend days will feature. I´ve met several interesting people at the presentation pod today, had an interesting discussion about the future of professional IT services (Not Sun PS, the whole business …) as i was a project engineer the first years at Sun, we´ve talked a while about it while pitching Sun as a innovative technology company giving them a competive edge (hey, it´s CeBIT, i´m there for pitching, not for discussing) ;). The daily pet peeve for this day: Please use a non-obtrusive after-shave or/and perfume when visiting CeBIT. I´ve got a terrible headache from some of the perfumes today. When you stand at the presentation pod and you have several people bathed in a mixture of Tobacco and Old Spice on one side and Tosca and 4711 on the other side your brain wants to jump out of the skull. So: Everyone standing at a booth on any fairground on this planet will thank you when you just use a light deodorant. Okay, i´m almost in Hamburg … i will close this article now. PS: The feet are still there ….